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Crypto tax filing and compliance

Full Report Calculation - an accurate historical data tracing. Maximizes accuracy and tax efficiency while consolidating your tax liability by performing Specific Identification on the blockchain. Fully compliant with the IRS regulation. Pre-plan crypto taxes with Bittax’s Tax Planning Algorithm to consolidate an optimal crypto tax liability.

Anti Money Laundering ('AML') analysis tool

Tracks all FIAT entry and exit points, matching information with crypto activity and inventory to create a useful AML report. The system tracks the user's real-time blockchain transactions back to the first transaction, analyzing the user's full activity history from the source of the first FIAT-crypto transaction until real-time assets holdings.

Tax Authorities

Tax Authorities tool computes gains and/or losses, indicates discrepancies and missing data and produces a report, which includes tracked cost basis, assets type, amount, date, value, transaction source, transaction classification and generate various reports, including assets segmentation by tax years and blockchain audit trail.

Tax Regulation for Crypto Payments and Exchanges

Ensures full compliance for mandatory report filling requirements, for exchanges and third-party network payments.

Provides high activity volume ledgers supporting audit, as well as up to six optional algorithm-lanes for tax optimized calculation and future tax-planning.

Our Features

Data Collection and Analysis

  • Tracks inventory and assets.
  • Sends missing data notifications.
  • Authorizes full activity report.
  • Tracks, aggregates, and calculates data of multiple blockchains.
  • Automatically integrates Exchange and wallet data.

Blockchain-based Crypto Tax Calculation

  • Designed for individuals, businesses and CPA firms.
  • Extracts all transactions from the blockchain, including real-time data and a comprehensive history.
  • Authenticates tax calculations and provides appropriate proof for the IRS.
  • Full activity report includes wallets, tokens and exchanges.
  • Proprietary algorithm performs crypto-specific identification on the blockchain.
  • Optimized Regulation Algorithm (Patent Pending) - Innovative technology provides optimal tax liability & future tax planing.

Discrepancy Analysis Report

A detailed discrepancies and missing data analysis graphical report. The report presents all discrepancies, including indications that the taxpayer did not report all his crypto addresses, summary, and evaluation of the missing or inconsistent information.


Blockchain Analysis Algorithms

Building a user's profile based on blockchain analysis. The user profile includes: Automatically add associate addresses, scope of activity, inventory, trades, exchange deposits and withdrawal, third party engagement addresses, crypto holding value, historical transaction value in USD, multi-sig and lightning network transaction, build a separate profile to every suspected third-party address to scoping its activity.


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