Home Page FAQ Viewing and managing uploaded data

What does it mean that there is information that needs to be reviewed?

The “Review Now” alert is meant to bring to your attention that some transactions need additional review from you. This might mean that some transactions are suspected to be internal and need your review, or that some of the addresses you provided are suspected to have been exchange addresses. There are also cases in which … Read more

How can I delete data that I uploaded?

you can delete any blockchain addresses or CSV files in the Manage Resources page. Click “Manage Resources” on the left side menu → on the resource that you want to delete click “# addresses” or “# files” → make your selection → click delete.

Where can I view my transactions history?

The entire transaction history of the users activity will be available in the “Transactions” page of the system. This will be a complete picture of the user’s activity after all necessary data was uploaded.

Where can I view the data I uploaded?

You can view all the resources that you uploaded to the system in the “Manage Resources” page. Click “Manage Resources” on the left side menu and you can view all the data you have entered to the system. You can click on “Addresses” or “Files” in each resource to view the data more specifically.